Monday, March 23, 2015

Michel'le Speaks From The Heart


Could this be a true story of Beats by Dre?
Michel’le known from her smash hit inthe 90’s “Something in my heart” is now apart of a  the Reality Show “R&b Divas of LA.” She is now 44 years old and ready to release all her Demons that she’s been battling with from her past. During the reunion show of “R&B Divas of LA” in 2013, Michel’le  revealed that her ex lover of six years and father of her 17 year old son Marcel, Dr.Dre beat her. She stated that she had to get several nose jobs due to the affect Dr.Dre beatings had on her physical features.
March 2015, Michel’le  set down with popular Radio Station “The Breakfast Club” and decided to talk about her nightmare in more detail. Stating how they were engaged but never got married. She went on about how she loved him and waited on him having to deal with the infidelity and abuse. “When he decided to be Andre and not Dr.Dre I’ll be ready to marry him” she said reflecting on her past.
Michel’le finally put her “fist down” making things worst. As a result she ended up with cracked ribs and a black eye. She stated she never called the police, she reminisced on the first time he hit her and blacked her eye. That night he held her and they cried together and he told her he would never hit her in “that eye” again. After that incident no remorse was shown and the abuse increased. Until this day he’s never apologized to her, but she says the past is the past. Could her story be true? What took her so long to speak out?

Here’s the actual interview outlining the details in her own words with The Breakfast Club

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