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Rapper Mystikal Charged With Rape Again!!!

Former Rap artist of No Limit records has gotten caught up again. October 22,2016 Mystikal AkA Michael Lawrence was involved in a incident. The incident occurred in his hometown in Louisiana, at a Casino in Shreveport. There were two other people involved with the sexual assault, Averweon Holman and a Female named Tenichia Wafford. 
Tenichia is only being charged as an Accessory to the crime, her bond is set at 200,000 dollars. Michael and Averweon are charged for 1st degree rape. Sad part is, Mystikal did 6 years in Jail for the same crime a few Years ago. Mystikal bond is set at 2million. Master P Can't save you now playboy. Recently Mystikal has turned himself in for the crime he has committed.

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