Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tyga Sued Again.....


Rap Artist Tyga is being sued yet again for the same reason, unpaid rent. Tyga seems to continue to run the same scam on landlords he rent places from. Previously he was sued for failure to pay rent and not abiding by the rules of his gated community.

Back at it again a gentlemen who name is unknown rented Tyga a commerical space for his Last King clothing line. The landlord stated that Tyga failed to pay rent and left the place with over seventy thousand dollars worth of damages.

These damages includes ink stains, ink poured down the drains pipes and ceiling tiles covered in paint. The landlord is suing for 75,000 dollars plus five months back rent this information was reported by TMZ.COM. Hmmm I hope this teaches Tyga to pay them bills.

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