Thursday, June 30, 2016

Iggy Azalea Opens Up About Recent Split With Nick Young......

It's been a rocky few weeks for the now split couple Iggy Azalea and Nick young. It's quite sad that they called it quits, but Nick Young's infidelity never came to a halt. Fans had their fingers crossed after an audio of Nick Young admitting to another basketball player that he cheated on Iggy. Fancy rapper Iggy Azalea decided to move past the embarrassing moment and forgive him.

The hot couple pushed through for a few more months. Things just weren't the same so the two decided to part ways. Not really sure why but Iggy felt that it was important to take to social media to let her fans Know that the engagement was completely off. She wrote an heartfelt message on Twitter stating she love Nick but it just can't work and she wishes him the best. 

Secretly, the couple could have made mends. The opportunity of rekindling  their relationship went down the drain when Iggy found out that Nick has not only cheated but got another woman pregnant. Best wishes to Iggy and I hope she pulls through.

These are the Tweets Iggy Azalea posted on Twitter:

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