Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trick Daddy Goes In On Black Women

Miami's Mogul Trick Daddy had the internet going crazy just yesterday with one simple Instagram video. Trick Daddy stated that Black women need to step it up; because Hispanic and White women are looking real good. He also stated if Hispanic and White women knew how to fry Chicken it'll be a wrap for Black women.

I know a lot Black women were worked up by Trick Daddy's statement. Although it was quite ignorant, it's still his opinion. Charlamagne radio personality had a point, he said Trick Daddy was speaking to the H**s that transform their bodies and spend 150 dollars on getting their make up. If that's not you, you should not be offended.

Trick Daddy was clearly speaking of all black women because it's been in his character to call women bi****es and H**s. As a woman in general, you should know your worth and never let such ignorance get under your skin. Keep Trick Daddy in your prayers he is battling with Lupus.

Check out Charlamagne's Donkey of the Day:

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