Monday, May 1, 2017

Dmx Checks In Rehab......

Rapper Earl Simmons (DMX) has reportedly checked into rehab days after canceling 3 of his most recent Shows. Simmons has been openly battling with drug abuse for years. But now, the drugs are causing major health issues. Dmx has checked into Rehab once before and it was not a success. 

His ex wife Tashera Simmons and Manager Pat Gallo encouraged Dmx to give Rehab another try. A few years back, Dmx almost lost his life due to a Heart attack, this is why it is extremely crucial for him to go back to Rehab; his health is in jeopardy. Dmx's Manager released a statement to the Fans apologizing for the show cancellations and that Dmx needs time off to focus on being healthy again.

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