Thursday, February 7, 2019

Brandy Cancels Upcoming Concerts.....

Well known 90’s R&B Singer Brandy Norwood, has cancelled all of her upcoming Shows; due to the Venue not allowing her to Lip Sync. The “Almost Doesn’t Count” Singer claimed that she rather prerecord her vocals. She also stated that she suffers Stage fright; and she’s a perfectionist.

In late January, she cancelled two Shows at Kennedy Center in Washington DC. It was reported that she cancelled; due to being diagnosed with multiple Vocal Illnesses. Norwood also wrote a personal Statement to her Fans.

Here’s the statement below:

“Dear everyone that I love and care for and everyone that loves and cares for me, I know a political announcement was made for the cancellation of the Brandy Kennedy Center shows, but I wanted to give a detailed explanation after seeing an otolaryngologist. Most of all time when I’m not feeling my fullest potential, I’ll ignore everything related to the opposition and clear Universal signs to avoid claiming illusions of illness. Dr. Thomas Winkler, in DC, did an extensive examination on my ears, nose and throat. His findings were sinusitis, acute laryngitis, hemorrhagic right true vocal and bilateral severe vocal cord edema. (That’s a lot and I don’t truly know what that all means.. doesn’t sound promising) Additionally, I’ve been experiencing hemorrhaging on my left eardrum and was firmly advised by Dr. Winkler to stay on strict vocal rest for a week and to cancel any professional performances. Deeply hurt by that because these kind of performance opportunities don’t come around #ADimeADozen. I am thankful to the Kennedy Center family for true understanding. I apologize from the bottom of my heart to my extended family, my fans and the members of the Kennedy Center for this unfortunate experience.”

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