Saturday, July 27, 2019

Wendy Williams Lifetime Biopic....

Legendary Talk Show Host Wendy Williams; is currently making major moves, since her recently split with her Husband Kevin Hunter. Wendy has been really glowing while having a “Hot Girl Summer.” She was spotted out with several men, but Williams made it clear she’s single and living he best life.

After firing her Husband Kevin Hunter; due to his infidelity, Wendy announced that she will be producing her own Biopic on Lifetime. Wendy’s life is definitely a movie. She’s battled with Drugs, illnesses and ending a toxic relationship. 

Williams has accomplished a lot; she started as the rawest Radio Personality on Hot 97. Now, one of the highest rated Daytime Talk Show Hosts on Television. Wendy Williams will be partnering with Famous (Girls Trip) Producer Will Packer and Writer Leigh Davenport, she plans to make this Movie Gold. 

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