Tuesday, June 23, 2020

K-ci Hailey's New Solo Career

K-ci Hailey is known for his longevity in the music industry. He started as the lead vocalist of the popular 90’s R&B group Jodeci. The group was successful, they took over the baby-making era. Jodeci lasted until the late nineties, then they split.

K-ci, real name Cedric and brother Jojo real name Joel, also apart of Jodeci, parted ways with Jodeci and started their brand as K-ci and Jojo. When their drugs and alcohol use became excessive, the pair vanished. Years later they made a brief comeback with a reality television show, but that was short-lived.

Recently, K-ci has relaunched his career, he’s currently signed to P Music Group. His music has changed, but that powerhouse voice has not. A week ago, K-ci Hailey released his single called “Tears in Heaven,” along with a visual.

Jojo is no longer apart of the brand. He has decided to give the music industry a break. K-ci looks healthy, and his voice is amazing. It’s exactly what the fans anticipated


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