Saturday, July 11, 2020

50 Cent Get Into Altercation With Fan…

Inspiring Haitian rapper, attempted to attack Superstar Rapper/Actor 50cent for a second time. The fan name has not yet been revealed. 

50 and Eminem

Over a year ago, the fanatic waited for 50cent to leave a restaurant and proceeded to ask 50cent to check out his mixtape. 50 politely declined and explained that he was on a date. The guy became aggressive and was escorted away by security. 

50 and his girlfriend

Recently, the same struggling rapper was again spotted outside a restaurant where 50cent was dining in Jersey. The guy’s intentions weren’t good. He started to cause a scene, which resulted in the 45-year-old rapper launching a table at the guy. It is believed that this particular guy has been stalking 50 after the first incident.


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