Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Trouble In Paradise With DaBaby And Danileigh…

DaBaby cannot seem to catch a break from the media. The megastar rapper received backlash after recent homophobic comments during his performance at “Rolling loud Miami.”

After being “canceled” and later forgiven, the artist managed to land himself in baby mama drama.

 According to model/singer Danileigh, the two were in a relationship since their daughter was born. It was a fairytale up until last night when the two got into an explosive argument which ended in a police phone call. 

DaBaby claims that he did not want Dani arrested, he just wants her peacefully removed from his place. After the incident, he took to social media to clear his name, yet again to his fans.

 Danileigh shortly posted on her platform to speak on their short-lived relationship. This story is still developing on social media.

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  1. Really!!! did he need to throw the baby out. Poor baby doesn’t even know what’s going on.


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