Thursday, April 2, 2020

DaBaby Releases Mini Movie



Break out Artist DaBaby, has made a Household Name for himself in early 2019. He became a Fan favorite, when he dropped his first single “Suge.” DaBaby was never your ordinary Rapper. He managed to release two Albums in less than a Year. DaBaby is known from his creative style of Rap, as well as his attractive Bad Boy image.

It is no secret, that the ladies love DaBaby. But, there is one lady in particular who made her presence known. Internet sensation/Entrepreneur B.Simone, has made her crush on DaBaby public in mid 2019. She spoke openly about her crush, after a video of DaBaby went viral of him, knocking out an Internet Troller.

B.Simone has covered music of his, on her YouTube page. She also dressed as his Bride for Halloween. Determined to get his attention, she finally succeeded. The two remained friends after they met at a club. 


Months later, DaBaby offered B.Simone a role in his Music Video, as his Leading lady. The single is called “Finding my way.” The video was released April 1st 2020. B. Simone’s first book “Baby Girl, Manifest The Life You Want” was released on the same day.

Check out video below:

                               DaBaby-Find My Way 

Behind the scenes

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