Saturday, April 4, 2020

Pastor Arrested In Florida....

Rodney Howard Browne, Pastor of “The River” Mega Church, was arrested Monday. Browne was arrested, for refusing to Close his Church. Due to CODVID-19, The Government stated that we all should practice “Social Distance.”

Browne refused to follow that policy. Instead, he continued his Sunday services, until he was arrested. He was charged with two misdemeanors, after failing to close the Church. His Bail was 500 dollars, he is currently released. Sheriffs noted that “The River Church” could have livestreamed to their 4,000 members. Most Mega Churches have taking that precaution.

On Wednesday, Pastor Brown took to Livestream, to notify his members that His Church will be closed. His reasons were, that he wanted his Staff to be safe. He also stated that he was concerned about “Outsiders” joining the Church, that may be infected with CODVID-19.

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