Monday, April 5, 2021

Keeping Hope For DMX


Rapper DMX was hospitalized two days ago due to a heart attack caused by a drug overdose. Earl Simmons well known as DMX is currently unresponsive and in critical condition with limited brain activity. When the news became public, celebrity friends sent love and prayers through social media.

In the past, Dmx battled with drug use throughout his successful career. Simmons was released from jail after serving one year in jail due to tax fraud in 2018. In 2020 Dmx checked himself into Rehab as well as canceling multiple shows in the process. He was adamant about shaking his drug habit.

Dmx is currently in a hospital located in White Plains NY. His loved ones plan to gather together and hold a vigil prayer in front of the hospital. The story is still developing friends and fans continue to pray.

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