Friday, April 9, 2021

Lil Uzi Vert Caught!

 It’s been a little over two months since rapper and 1/2 of the City Girls JT and Gothic Rapper Lil Uzi Vert went public with their relationship. Before the reveal, it was rumored that they use to date and Jt stated that she rather eat glass before dating Uzi again. Recently, she had a change of heart because the two have been inseparable since the public announcement.

Their newly public relationship has not been a walk through the park. As soon as the news was surfaced, Uzi ex Girlfriend Brittany took to social media stating that she and Uzi were still dating. Uzi and Jt immediately shut down those rumors.

After a verbal disagreement between Jt’s group member Yung Miami and Uzi, fans showed concern that The young alternative artist would be the downfall of the City Girls. This seems to be true, recently, it has been alleged that Uzi Vert Dm’d Yung Miami’s late Baby father Jai’s sister Delise.

In reply to all the chaos, Jt took to her Instagram and stated:

“How does it feel to have so much hate in your heart that you have to make up lies? sh*t not adding up, photoshopping horrible, forgot the Avi….leave him alone … BEFORE me, he was a random weirdo in y’all world …now I’m starting to see who the weirdos.” 

Before directly addressing JT, Delise wrote on her story: 

“I raised you...I’m done!!!!!”

“Jatavia Jatavia… **** you! I left you on read all day and didn’t answer your call. Nextttttt.”

While this situation has fans feeling concerned, it’s safe to say Uzi is getting annoyed by the constant drama too. The rapper posted on his Instagram story also states:

 “This is when I lose my cool.”

Could there be some tension to fix up behind the scenes between the City Girls?


  1. Wow. This was some great tea. I really enjoyed reading this. It shows how relationships can be so complex. This article shows that no matter what you love who you love even if you decided not to get back together with the person lol.

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