Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Saucy Santana VS Kandie


Saucy Santana

Influencer Kandie a.k.a Jay Will known for his astounding rapping skills on the hit television show “Wild n Out,” recently dropped a freestyle dissing fellow “LGBTQ” member Saucy Santana. Kandie caught social media by surprise when he dropped the freestyle over City Girl’s JT “No Bars” track calling Santana “botched” and built like “Humpty Dumpty.” 

Kandie AKA Jay Will

Saucy wasted no time replying via social media, stating his frustration; He was unaware that he and Jay Will had beef. Kandie replied with a lengthy response, claiming that Santana denied him from entering his VIP section in a club, and an altercation almost occurred; Saucy had too much security and, as a result, Kandie decided to address the situation in his recent freestyle. Santana has not replied since, it is unsure if the beef will continue.

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The Diss Freestyle

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Brick Lady Charged For Fraud!!!

Roda Osman is a young Lady known as “Brick Lady.” She received the name after claiming to be attacked with a brick by a man who was upset that she would not talk to him and has since been charged with fraud. The incident was reported in Houston Texas September 2023. After being hospitalized and venting on social media, Brick Lady started a “Go fund me,” raising 42k from middle-class supporters.

Recently, Authorities caught wind that Osman's story was fabricated and she allegedly pulled the same scheme in a different city and state. Roda was spotted on vacation in Jamaica shortly after receiving the “Go fund me” money. 

Witnesses came forward, expressing that Osman's claims were not true her face was swollen on one side due to an allergic reaction according to sources, and these claims resulted in her being charged with fraud.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The Blackening Review

The Blackening Brought In 2023

  One of my favorite recent movie releases is a movie called: "The Blackening."  It is a comedy thriller about a group of friends who decided to rent out a cabin in the woods for a weekend. The friends went to college together, and it was their 10th anniversary after college. The movie was a perfect blend of comedy and suspense. The director and writer did a great job of projecting a clear point, which made the film relatable.  

Getting Into The Film

  The movie was about 5 African American friends that planned a getaway to celebrate their friendship, unaware of how dangerous the place they chose for vacation would be: to save themselves, they had to play a game. The game consisted of a series of questions surrounding their ethnicity, and if a question's answered incorrectly, it could cost their lives. The movie supplied hilarious, heartfelt, and fearful moments. It was a mixture of all genres.

My Opinion

  I enjoyed this movie because it was relatable, and seeing people of color as leads in horror films isn't common. I also believe that this movie will be timeless or a classic that will be relevant years later. Each character had unique characteristics making this movie extremely entertaining. 

The Conclusion

In conclusion, This movie is a must-see. It's not gory, but you will jump from time to time. I think this is what the millennials needed. Lately, newer movies lack creativity (my opinion) and it's a phenomenal feeling that writers are starting to become creative again. If you are having a sleepover or just a movie night, This movie should be a part of your collection.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Trouble In Paradise With DaBaby And Danileigh…

DaBaby cannot seem to catch a break from the media. The megastar rapper received backlash after recent homophobic comments during his performance at “Rolling loud Miami.”

After being “canceled” and later forgiven, the artist managed to land himself in baby mama drama.

 According to model/singer Danileigh, the two were in a relationship since their daughter was born. It was a fairytale up until last night when the two got into an explosive argument which ended in a police phone call. 

DaBaby claims that he did not want Dani arrested, he just wants her peacefully removed from his place. After the incident, he took to social media to clear his name, yet again to his fans.

 Danileigh shortly posted on her platform to speak on their short-lived relationship. This story is still developing on social media.

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Rapper Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Girlfriend's Son!

28-year-old rapper Doodie Lo was recently accused of sexually abusing his ex-girlfriend’s son, 5-year-old Wesley. Lo was signed to Lil Durk's label OTF months ago. Durk also gifted Lo with 200k after completing his first album.

October 27, 2021, Wesley confessed to his mother, singer FTN Bae that her now ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted him. Bae was away on business when the incident occurred. After finding out her son was assaulted, she took to social media to let her followers know she was not okay. She later posted audio followed by a statement on her Instagram page.




Thursday, August 26, 2021

Quavo And Saweetie Reunite???

The young iconic couple called it quits in mid-march, after nearly two years of dating.

 Recently, rumors surfaced on the web hinting that Saweetie and Quavo were spotted in the same location on the same day. 

Hip hop artist Saweetie responded to the recent Tabloid report, stating that the article was false and the pair are not back together.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Erica Mena Files For Divorce!

After Less than two years of marriage, Erica Mena has decided to file for divorce from Rapper/Reality Star Safaree Samuels. Viewers were introduced to the pair in 2017 on a reality show called “Scared Famous.” The two were not together but Safaree made it clear that he wanted to date Erica.

Last Friday, Erica Mean filed for divorce after a video surfaced on the internet of Samuels dry humping a young lady at one of his shows. Mena filed for divorce at Georgia’s Fayette County Supreme Court.

Erica requests joint custody of their children with final decision-making authority. She asked for child support, the Estate they currently shared, and for legal court fees to be paid.

Throughout the year 2020, Safaree and Mena were extremely rocking with threats of divorce. Fans were confused when the news about the divorce became public because recently, Erica announced her pregnancy with Samuels's second child. Mena claims that their marriage is irretrievable. 


Saucy Santana VS Kandie