Monday, February 22, 2016

Bowwow And Keyshia Cole Dating???

Spinoff Between Bowwow And Keyshia Cole

Who would have known that singer Keyshia Cole and Shad Moss Rapper/Actor would make it borderline official. These two lovebirds been trying to stay low for quite sometime, but you know Bowwow can never stay low especially not from social media. Speculations occurred when Mr.Moss posted a picture of him and Keyshia at a party  on his instagram.  A few days later he posted a picture of Keyshia Cole's first album stating that he was in that mood at the moment.

Brows raised when Keyshia Cole posted a picture of Bowwow telling fans to congratulate him on being the host for the Preshow of the Grammys. That same day Bowwow posted a picture of a variety of different colognes on his instagram, asking his fans which one should he wear for the Grammy's. Also stating that the cologne was his Valentines day gift because "She" like him to smell good. HMMMMM..... who is she?

Well last night February 21,2016 we found out this mystery woman is Keyshia Cole. Like I said Bowwow is not low at all. Last night he posted an instagram picture stating that late night head rubs are the best, the picture was of a woman clearly identified as the one and only Keyshia kissing on his head. The question is.... How does Birdman feel about this? wasn't Keyshia just fighting in the club over him? Any who personally this is a good look, Keyshia is so real we know that this relationship is not a publicity stunt. Bowwow is the man soooo who needs publicity.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Charges Dropped Against Jaden Smith's Girlfriend


How do you heal after being accused of a petty crime?

Model/Instagram celebrity Sarah Snyder was arrested on June 2015, due to an accusation from a boutique owner. Snyder was accused of stealing a purse worth 15,995 dollars.

The case was dismissed in Bedford NY on Wednesday February 10,2016. Sarah was able to supply proof that she was not in New York when the crime transpired, leaving judges no choice but to dismiss the case.

19 year old Sarah Snyder opened up about the arrest on Harper's Bazaar fashion website, stating that she's happy that people know the truth. It was satisfying to know that the boutique admits they were wrong


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