Friday, January 30, 2015

Ghostbusters with a kick!!

         All Girl Cast For New Ghostbusters Movie

      Hollywood gets more and more Creative by the year with their movie remakes. Speaking of Remakes the classic 1984 original “Ghostbusters “ is now on its way to become a Remake.  This remake has a awesome twist, it's an all girl cast!  The cast has been confirmed and these group of Actress/Comedians will leave you with a good workout after laughing so hard.


        The  movie will not be called “Ghostbuster 3” instead it will be called “Lady Ghostbusters “.  Paul Feig Director of Box office hit “The heat” will be Directing the movie. Paul stated that he love working with funny women and instead making a “Ghostbusters 3” he'd like to do something different which is “Lady Ghostbusters”.  Melissa McCarthy  known from her hilarious role in “Bridesmaid “ will be one of the leading ladies in this film. Her previous roles left us extremely satisfied and waiting for her next movie. Well wait no farther because “Lady Ghostbusters “ is in the works giving us something  to look forward to possibly this summer.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bruce Jenner's Transformation

      Bruce Jenner's Transforms into a Bad Chick 


        Bruce Jenner as we all know, was born in 1949 and was famous for his Phenomenal Olympic abilities. But as of 2014 Jenner decided to make changes and become a true Kardashian. After his divorce with Kris Jenner he decided he wanted to be more like her and get a sex change. Is it true? Bruce Jenner has not spoke out about it but here's photos that leaves us wondering.

    Reality Television star Kim Kardashian touched the issue in her ET interview. She stated that she thinks everyone goes through changes in their life and that when the time is right, Bruce may speak on it. She also stated that he is the happiest she's ever seen him. Rumor has it that he is in the works of getting his own Reality TV show. Go baddie Bruce! it's never too late to be who you always wanted to be.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


                                        No Shade   



       God made us and created us as we should be. That is the completion of beauty. It seems as if pastic surgery has become as convenient as going to a clothing store and purchasing an expensive item. Most people fall into what society want them to be instead of accepting who they are destined to be.
               Everybody want to be a celebrity, there is always someone you grew up looking up to. Have you ever stopped and realized that you can embrace who you are even if you weren't born the way you thought you should be? All shades are beautiful, all shapes and sizes. There is a quote from a song  that I hold dearly, "you can buy your hair if it won't, you can fix your nose if he says so. You can buy all the makeup the M.A.C can make, but if you can't look inside you and find out who am I to be in a position to make me feel so damn unpretty" Unpretty by TLC.

Growing up I watched talk shows with women that were insecure about their skin complexion because growing up they were raised to believe lighter is more beautiful. I realized that color does not defined you, having confidence an knowing you value does. Embrace that big nose, embrace the gap in your teeth. Turn your imperfection in perfection.

Here's a link to all the people you know and love who have changed their appearance. 


Saucy Santana VS Kandie