Thursday, February 28, 2019

Britney's Back!!!

Pop Artist Britney Spears, has decided to make Music again. In November 2018, Britney’s Father was hospitalized; due to a ruptured Colon. Jamie Spears ( Britney’s Father) health scare, caused Britney to put her Career on hold. 

Jamie Spears and Britney Spears
Currently, her Father is much better; and the “Oops I did it again” Singer is ready to hit the Booth. Inside Sources has stated that Spears is ready to work on her Tenth Album. 

Prior to the Hiatus, Britney spent Four Years at her Residency working non stop. Sources states that she is grateful for her Fans; and cannot wait to start Performing again.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Janet Jackson Announces Vegas Residency...

Pop Icon, Janet Jackson has announced her Vegas Residency. Yes Mam! She will be heading to Sin City in May. Tickets for her Shows will go on Sale February 27th. 

The "Rhythm Nation" Artist will also celebrate her 30th anniversary; for her Hit Album "Rhythm Nation." Shows will officially start May 17th, there will be 14 Shows at the MCM Resort's Park Theater. Pack your Bags ladies and Gents; because all our favorite Artists are moving to Vegas.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Dolly Parton Shuts Down Sexuality Rumors....

Why is it that, when a woman has a long term friendship with another woman; gay rumors surface? Rumors surfaced with Whitney Houston and Robin, Oprah and Gayle also Dolly and Judy.

Dolly Parton is a very well known Nashville Country Singer. For Years, (over a Decade) there has been allegations, floating around about Dolly being Lesbian. Parton was married to Husband Carl Thomas Dean for nearly 53 years.

Dolly Parton and Carl Thomas Dean 
Fans has been suspicious about Dolly’s sexuality; because she has a close Friend, named Judy Ogle. Parton and Ogle has been friends for 64 Years. Parton addressed the rumors Years ago, expressing that Judy is her Best Friend; and they have an unbreakable Bond.

Recently, Dolly had an Interview with “The Sun” a U.K Newspaper. She stated that she love the LGBTQ Community; but she’s not Gay. Judy is like a sister; and she will continue to be a part of her life.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Oklahoma Woman Arrested for Revenge Porn....

A Young Lady by the name of Ciarra Hunter, was recently arrested for sharing her friend’s Nudes on Social Media. It was reported that; Ciarra had her Friend’s Password to Snapchat. 

According to Fox23 News, the two ladies had an argument. Which caused Ciarra to seek revenge by posting her Friends Nudes on Snapchat. Ciarra Hunter was arrested for Non-Consensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images.

Reality Stars Ryan Henry And Don Brumfield Chats With The Breakfast Club.......

Tattoo Artists, Ryan and Don talks about Tattoo Parlor Drama on The Breakfast Club. As we all know, Breakfast Club is “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show.” Artists from all over, should know that they are going to get grilled when coming on the Show.

Ryan Henry, Owner Of Tattoo Empire “9Mag” explains why he’s is single; and getting new Staff for his Shop. He also speaks on mental health and expanding his business.

Don Brumfield spoke on, being grateful to be apart of the faithful men committee. Don has finally decided to become faithful to his Wife Ashley. He speaks on his brother Phor; and how much becoming a family man has changed him.

Check Out Interview Below:

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Brandy Cancels Upcoming Concerts.....

Well known 90’s R&B Singer Brandy Norwood, has cancelled all of her upcoming Shows; due to the Venue not allowing her to Lip Sync. The “Almost Doesn’t Count” Singer claimed that she rather prerecord her vocals. She also stated that she suffers Stage fright; and she’s a perfectionist.

In late January, she cancelled two Shows at Kennedy Center in Washington DC. It was reported that she cancelled; due to being diagnosed with multiple Vocal Illnesses. Norwood also wrote a personal Statement to her Fans.

Here’s the statement below:

“Dear everyone that I love and care for and everyone that loves and cares for me, I know a political announcement was made for the cancellation of the Brandy Kennedy Center shows, but I wanted to give a detailed explanation after seeing an otolaryngologist. Most of all time when I’m not feeling my fullest potential, I’ll ignore everything related to the opposition and clear Universal signs to avoid claiming illusions of illness. Dr. Thomas Winkler, in DC, did an extensive examination on my ears, nose and throat. His findings were sinusitis, acute laryngitis, hemorrhagic right true vocal and bilateral severe vocal cord edema. (That’s a lot and I don’t truly know what that all means.. doesn’t sound promising) Additionally, I’ve been experiencing hemorrhaging on my left eardrum and was firmly advised by Dr. Winkler to stay on strict vocal rest for a week and to cancel any professional performances. Deeply hurt by that because these kind of performance opportunities don’t come around #ADimeADozen. I am thankful to the Kennedy Center family for true understanding. I apologize from the bottom of my heart to my extended family, my fans and the members of the Kennedy Center for this unfortunate experience.”

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

R.Kelly Announces Upcoming Tour...

America has recently completely cancelled Singer R.Kelly; due to a Docu-series that was released on Lifetime Network, called “Surviving R.Kelly.” Since the release of “Surviving R.Kelly” Premiere, Kelly was dropped from RCA Records and evicted from his Studio in Chicago. The “Step in the name of love” Artist was exposed for sleeping with Minors and; holding them captive.

Kelly has yet to show remorse, as he continues to find different Avenues to “secure the bag.” Social Media started a protest called “Mute R.Kelly.” But that never stopped the Singer. 

Yesterday, R.Kelly announced that he was going on tour. His Tour dates will be announced; but he will not have any Tours in the United States, he will be Overseas. Looks like Kellz is getting his Bag regardless.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Bow Wow Arrested For Battery...

Rapper/Actor Shad Moss, was arrested this Saturday Morning due to Assault and Battery. Sources say the encounter happened with a young lady. Both parties has visible scars from the Altercation. The Police could not determine who the aggressor was so Moss 31; and the young lady were both arrested.

Bowwow bail is set for 8,000 dollars. He’s currently been processed and booked at Fulton County Jail. There was no information released of the woman involved; but Sources claim that It was his ex girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie.

Check out Mugshot below:


Saucy Santana VS Kandie