Friday, April 9, 2021

Lil Uzi Vert Caught!

 It’s been a little over two months since rapper and 1/2 of the City Girls JT and Gothic Rapper Lil Uzi Vert went public with their relationship. Before the reveal, it was rumored that they use to date and Jt stated that she rather eat glass before dating Uzi again. Recently, she had a change of heart because the two have been inseparable since the public announcement.

Their newly public relationship has not been a walk through the park. As soon as the news was surfaced, Uzi ex Girlfriend Brittany took to social media stating that she and Uzi were still dating. Uzi and Jt immediately shut down those rumors.

After a verbal disagreement between Jt’s group member Yung Miami and Uzi, fans showed concern that The young alternative artist would be the downfall of the City Girls. This seems to be true, recently, it has been alleged that Uzi Vert Dm’d Yung Miami’s late Baby father Jai’s sister Delise.

In reply to all the chaos, Jt took to her Instagram and stated:

“How does it feel to have so much hate in your heart that you have to make up lies? sh*t not adding up, photoshopping horrible, forgot the Avi….leave him alone … BEFORE me, he was a random weirdo in y’all world …now I’m starting to see who the weirdos.” 

Before directly addressing JT, Delise wrote on her story: 

“I raised you...I’m done!!!!!”

“Jatavia Jatavia… **** you! I left you on read all day and didn’t answer your call. Nextttttt.”

While this situation has fans feeling concerned, it’s safe to say Uzi is getting annoyed by the constant drama too. The rapper posted on his Instagram story also states:

 “This is when I lose my cool.”

Could there be some tension to fix up behind the scenes between the City Girls?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Toxic Love: Lamar Odom and Karlie Redd Dating???

 A new Reality Star couple may be on the rise. It's rumored that former basketball player Lamar Odom and Love And Hip Hop vet Karlie Redd are now an item. Lamar Odom’s ex Sabrina Parr recently called off their engagement, giving limited information but hinting that their break up was related to drug use. 

Lamar was known for his excessive drug use in the past. In 2015, Lamar Odom was hospitalized due to a drug overdose which led him into a coma. After that incident, Odom claimed to be free of drugs and open for the help he needed.

Pictures of Karlie Redd and Lamar Odom have surfaced on social media, the pair looked quite cozy. Karlie Redd has been linked to quite a few big names in the past Young Joc, Life Jennings, Sean Garrett, tattoo artist Ceasar, and her ex-husband Arkansas Mo. 

Karlie divorced her husband in late 2020, she’s now single and Lamar has joined the messy Love and Hip hop of Atlanta cast. There wouldn’t be any surprises if the two were linked. The story is still developing.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Keeping Hope For DMX


Rapper DMX was hospitalized two days ago due to a heart attack caused by a drug overdose. Earl Simmons well known as DMX is currently unresponsive and in critical condition with limited brain activity. When the news became public, celebrity friends sent love and prayers through social media.

In the past, Dmx battled with drug use throughout his successful career. Simmons was released from jail after serving one year in jail due to tax fraud in 2018. In 2020 Dmx checked himself into Rehab as well as canceling multiple shows in the process. He was adamant about shaking his drug habit.

Dmx is currently in a hospital located in White Plains NY. His loved ones plan to gather together and hold a vigil prayer in front of the hospital. The story is still developing friends and fans continue to pray.


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