Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meek Mill Plans To Return To School

28 Year old Dream Chaser rapper Meek mill has taken several L's last year and has also brought in the New year taking another L (lost) by starting a feud with Rapper 5o Cent.

Prior to that beef he threw shots at Drake. He left Drake no choice but to strike back with embarrasing bars damaging to Meek Mill reputation.

On a positive note Meek has decided to ignore all the ridicule he has been receiving and focus on bettering his future.

Meek Mill dropped out of high school in 11th grade but returned months later for his GED.

After donating money to Flint Michigan to help out with the water crisis the city is currently experiencing. Meek also visited a high school in Philly to speak to teens and stress the importance of futhering education.

Meek Mill is definitely taking a high route after all the social media negativity.

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