Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen Reveals That He's HIV Positive

Held captive for four years keeping a career damaging secret concealed. Actor from very popular Television show "Two in a half men" Charlie Sheen reveals that he has been diagnosed with HIV. Charlie Sheen admits that his meltdown on social media was a way of him trying to cope.
Young Charlie Sheen

As a result he turned to drugs and alcohol to remove himself from reality. Sheen also stated that he had to pay some people to keep their silence. Charlie revealed that he use to wake up in cold sweats and received massive migraines. He also stated that he thought he had a brain tumor and was afraid for his life.

Charlie admitted that he would have never thought he'd receive the results he have received. He use the word "Tiger Blood" often because that was his secret way of stating that he's invincible to any illness. Although he's HIV positive, life has not stopped for Charlie he's relieved that the world know the truth.

Check out the full interview below:


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Missy Elliot's New Single "WTF"

Missy's Back Baby!!!!

After seven years of waiting, Missy Elliot has finally made a comeback and she looks great!

Missy Elliot's new video "Wtf" supply the people with the diversity that we've all been waiting for. 

Since the 90's Missy has always blessed our eyes with futuristic and intriguing videos. This new hit featuring Pharrell will leave you anxious for the album. 


        Check the video premiere below:

Monday, November 9, 2015

Gabrielle Union School Daze Birthday


Ms.Gabrielle Known from her leading and popular role in the hit Show that everyone is addicted to "Being Mary Jane" makes 43 look amazing! Mrs.Wade kicks off her 43rd birthday in a major way.

Inviting all her friends and family to her "School daze" theme birthday party. We are not talking Spike Lee School daze.


Everyone that was invited to the event had to rock the Jersey of the School they graduated from.

If anyone knows how to party it is definitely the two love birds.

Doing it big with the Throw back basement party and also Color me Badd performed live followed by a Sorority Step Show.

As in new slang terms the party was lit and it was surely an event worth talking about.




Saucy Santana VS Kandie