Friday, May 22, 2020

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are Friends???

Transformer Actress was spotted hanging out with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Rumor has it, that the two are just good friends. The two were spotted in Downtown Los Angeles, after a coffee date.

Secretly, Megan and husband Brian Austin Green have been living separately since March. Fox and Green have been married for almost ten years, and the relationship was very rocky throughout the years.

Brian A Green has no issue with Megan hanging out with Kelly. He stated on his Podcast Platform, that he's never met Kelly but, he and Megan spoke about him before. From the conversation, Kelly seems like a good guy. Green went on to say that he trusts Megan’s judgment.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Yesterday, Machine Gun Kelly released a music video called “Bloody Valentine,” starring Megan Fox. The video is already at 6.1 million views on Youtube. Maybe the link-up was for business. Only time will tell.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Tamar’s Single And Video Is Out Now…!

Tamar's back and the Tamartians are loving it! The Braxton’s Family Values reality star is known for her outgoing personality, and her powerhouse voice. Not too long ago, she surprised her devotees with new music.

Her Single, “Crazy Kind Of Love” was released in late March. The beautiful ballad was sampled by Whitney Houston’s classic love song “Saving All My Love.” Braxton’s single was Produced by Hitmaka AKA Young Berg. There's also a visual of the single available on all platforms. 

This Summer, “Crazy Kind Of Love” will make an appearance on up and coming movie called, “True to the game 2.”


Megan Thee Stallions Fans Upset With Beyoncé….

In Late April, Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion shook the World with the “Savage” Remix. The original record did well in numbers. It also went viral on two very popular platforms, Tik Tok and Instagram.

“Savage“ Remix featuring Beyoncé, topped the Billboard charts at number 2 in recorded timing. To most, being number 2 on the top 100 charts would be considered a major accomplishment.

But, Megan Thee Stallion fans were not here for it. The fans claimed that the “Savage” remix would be number 1 if Beyoncé promoted it on her Instagram page.

Recently, Megan’s fans attacked Beyonce’s Instagram because, she posted a video of her Protégés new single. As we all know, Chloe and Halle are signed to Beyoncé's Record label.

Chloe and Halle are known for there beautiful vocals, and the ability to harmonize like no other. Chloe and Halle released the visual of their single called “Do it.” Beyoncé reposted their video during the time that the "Savage" remix was still being promoted. 

Fanatics immediately commented on the post, asking why haven’t Beyoncé promoted the “Savage” remix.

The Bee Hive (Beyoncé’s fans) argued that, the “Savage” Remix sold its self. The original song was already viral. The remix has the most influential singer, blessing the record with her vocals. Beyoncé does not promote her music and she still tops Billboard charts.

“Savage” remix is a Spring Anthem. Also, there were amazing talents behind the scene, that helped with the writing. 

Singer/Songwriter The Dream, predicted that the “Savage” remix will make the Grammy’s this year. The Dream is also one of the Talented writers that helped make history.



Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Meagan Good Admit To Skin Bleaching….

Beautiful Actress/Director Meagan Good, recently broke her silence about Skin Bleaching. For years, speculations surfaced the internet, insinuating that the young beauty's skin has mysteriously become lighter. Compared to her older pictures, Good does look much lighter in complexion.

Like most Celebrities, Meagan Good decided to post a video of herself with her flawless skin. A fan could not help but notice the difference in Meagan Good’s skin color. The fan commented on the post, stating that she was upset that Meagan bleached her skin. She felt Meagan was prettier with Dark  Skin. She went on to say that, since Meagan bleached her skin, she looks basic.

Good was not pleased with the fan’s comment. But instead of clapping back, she decided to explain why her skin is lighter. she claimed that she did not purposely bleach her skin. She stated that an Unlicensed Aesthetician damaged her skin.

Although Meagan Good was never Dark Skin, she was not Light Skin either. She had Melanin throughout her career. Her skin color change is drastic and very obvious. Do you think Meagan’s skin bleaching was a mistake, or intentional?

The Conversation between Meagan Good and The Fan is located below:

via Baller Alert

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Rapper Webbie Has A Message For His Haters…..

Louisiana Rapper Webbie is known for his successful career in the early 2000s. His song “Bad Chick” featuring Florida Female Rap Artist Trina, did well mainstream. 

He was also known for his friendship with his fellow Louisiana Rapper Boosie. Their Friendship went left after Boosie was released from Jail.

Recently, a Video of Webbie surfaced the Internet. Webbie was noticeably fed up with his Male haters and felt the need to address them on IG live. but, the things he said have all the viewers questioning.

The Baton Rouge Rapper stated that he’s tired of the gay rumors. He then went on an explicit rant, stating what he would do sexually to the next man; that continued to spread rumors about his sexuality.

Webbie has not been on the scene for years. He blamed his downfall on Boosie, claiming that Boosie did not help his career.

The question is….. did Webbie come out the Closet on IG live, or was it just a play on words? 


Friday, May 15, 2020

Did Lori Harvey Dump Future??

Did Lori Harvey Dump Future??

“To the left to the left, everything you own in the box to the left.”

Allegedly, Lori Harvey has kicked her Rapper boyfriend to the curve. The pair were dating for a little less than a year. Sources say that Model Lori Harvey called it quits due to Future’s ( baggage ) Baby’s Mama drama.

Public records indicate, that Future is now the father of baby number 7. In late 2019, a woman named Eliza Reign, sued Future, claiming he was the father of her now 1-year-old daughter. Recently, DNA results assure that Future was 100 percent the father of Reign’s baby girl.

Due to all the drama, Lori could not stay quiet for too long. Harvey, posted a very appealing photo on Instagram, with a caption stating that she missed herself. Future also took to his Social Media, stating that, he felt disrespected and also that someone he was involved with, slept with his friend.

The media, of course, assumed that he was speaking of Lori Harvey. As we all know, Lori Harvey's name has been attached to quite a few rappers. So far, the break up is not public, this story is still developing.


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