Sunday, January 21, 2024

Brick Lady Charged For Fraud!!!

Roda Osman is a young Lady known as “Brick Lady.” She received the name after claiming to be attacked with a brick by a man who was upset that she would not talk to him and has since been charged with fraud. The incident was reported in Houston Texas September 2023. After being hospitalized and venting on social media, Brick Lady started a “Go fund me,” raising 42k from middle-class supporters.

Recently, Authorities caught wind that Osman's story was fabricated and she allegedly pulled the same scheme in a different city and state. Roda was spotted on vacation in Jamaica shortly after receiving the “Go fund me” money. 

Witnesses came forward, expressing that Osman's claims were not true her face was swollen on one side due to an allergic reaction according to sources, and these claims resulted in her being charged with fraud.

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  1. That’s crazy how an allergic reaction only happens to one side of her face. As for the fraud yeah I can see someone like her doing that lol.


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