EJ Johnson Slays.....

EJ Johnson known as the son of Basketball star of the 80's Magic Johnson, has been slaying the world with his fashion for years. Recently, EJ has become a major cast member of "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills." He gave us a lot of his personality which made viewers fall in love. Well you know what comes with popularity, rumors. 

According to Mediatakeout EJ is in the middle of transitioning into a woman. This rumor Surfaced after EJ Johnson posted a picture and video of him on Snapchat in the club with a wig on. EJ was giving fans; the EJ Johnson they've never seen. 

We are use to high fashion EJ with a low cut fade and a beat face. For 2017 EJ Johnson is giving us a new look. Also giving  social media something to talk about. EJ has not spoken of a Transformation so as of right now it is just a rumor.


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