Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Nicole Caught With Married Man!


Nicole Murphy is known for being an American Model and her former Marriage with Icon Actor Eddie Murphy. Recently, Nicole was spotted in Italy kissing a Married Man. The man was revealed to be Director Antoine Fuqua. Fuqua is a well known Director; whose married to Actress Lela Rochon. He’s best Known from his very popular movie “Training Day.”

Antoine and Lela have been married since 1999. Rumor has it, that Fuqua already has two love Children. Murphy has since spoke out about the alleged fling in Italy. She stated that it was just “a friendly hello.” Lela Rochon has deleted all of her Social Media accounts following the allegations.

Actress/Model Lisa Raye, stepped into The Shade Room Instagram comments; insinuating that this is not the first time Murphy has tried to wrecked a home. Fuqua has not yet addressed the situation. Judging by the photos, Nicole and Antoine looked way too friendly.

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  1. Wow there is no shame in her game. I will never understand why can’t people just find someone who is single and not always trying to break up someone else’s family.



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