Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bobby Brown Kicked Off Flight

The King of R&B has found himself in trouble again. Recently, Bobby Brown was kicked off of Jet Blue Airlines. 

The singer, was reportedly at LAX (Los Angeles international airport)when the incident happened. 

According to TMZ, a Jet Blue employee assumed that Brown was intoxicated. As a result,  Bobby Brown (50 years old) was escorted from the Plane.

Passengers stated that Bobby Brown was not at all disruptive. They also stated that if he was Drunk, he was not argumentative when the Flight attendant denied him a refreshing beverage.

 The altercation occurred, when Brown was escorted from the plane. 

The Cops were called, and everyone had to evacuate the Plane. Brown told the Cops that he was trying to make it to his Brother’s Funeral. They eventually allowed all passengers back onto the Plane. 

Bobby Brown was the only one denied to reboard. Jet Blue gave Brown a refund, but he missed his Flight.

Meanwhile, the passengers flights were delayed by at least an hour. Also it was not confirmed whether Mr.Brown was arrested, or sent home.

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