Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kmichelle's Mystery Lover

Singer Kmichelle has been really open about this new found romance of hers but the problem is no one know who this mystery man is. Who ever this guy is he has her smiling from ear to ear. Lately, the "Can't raise a man" singer has been posting gifts and expressing how happy she is with this new man. But the question is.... WHO IS HE??? The Rebels are anxious to know. 

Throughout Kmichelle's rise to Stardom, the artist was quite open about her relationships. Judging from her past, she opens up more when the relationship ends because no one knew about her and Iris Elba at all. Maybe this relationship is so special that she wants to keep it low this time. 
These are the Sunflowers 🌻  her man got her.😍

Hopefully this is the man of her dreams because Ms.K has had her fair share of Horrific relationships, Memphitz, Bobby need I take you down memory lane? We love K (Rebels) and definitely wish her all the happiness in the world because she deserves it, everyone deserves to be loved.

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