Monday, February 6, 2017

Meek Mill Denies Involvement With Nicki Minaj's Robbery....

It's over and done between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. The two rappers called it quits in December, around Nicki Minaj's Birthday. The two both remained being super petty; posting pictures of them with the opposite sex and writing subliminal's about one another on Instagram. Both of them seemed slightly bothered about the situation, but tried to appeared unbothered on Social media.

 Eventually, Nicki disappeared from Social media for awhile after her break up. Avoiding all contact with Social Media. The disappearing act did not last for long because the Diva returned with flawless photos of her being "unbothered." While Ms.Minaj continued to enjoy life, all came crashing down when she was robbed in her Beverly Hills Mansion that her and Meek bought together. Speculations escalated as people started to blame Meek Mill for being involved with the robbery.

TMZ was able to speak to Meek and he assured he was not involved. 

"Do I look like I rob people? I got about $450k on my neck, $80k on my wrist. It look like I rob people?" Meek responded. 

Meek Mill is allegedly worth 3 million, so the question is.... do you think he was involved? Well rather he is or not, Nicki is ok and still living her life.

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