Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ashanti’s sister Shia Celebrates Her Birthday.....

This year during the Pandemic, Kenashia “Shia” Douglas, decided to celebrate her Birthday with her fans. Recently, Shia posted a heartfelt video on her Instagram, highlighting the 31 years of her life. The video was Two minutes long on IGTV. 
Shia was a complete open book in the video. She shared things, that the public never knew. She showed footage of all the hard work she’s put in throughout the years. She also showed photos of her past toxic relationship, with New York Artist Slowbucks. 

One minute into the IGTV video, Shia shared horrific photos of her battered with missing teeth. She never mentioned the name of the abuser. But, due to her very long and public relationship with Slowbucks, fans came to the obvious conclusion.

Most women hide situations like these, due to embarrassment. Shia is now 31, and very brave for sharing her life with the people. She’s doing great! She also designs clothes for her sister (singer) Ashanti.

Check Out The Video Below:

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