Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Beyonce Signs Two Young Artists

Beyonce's hustle never ends.

In late April, Beyonce slayed her fans once again with her second visual album displaying the hard work she has accomplished for her fans. Also she opened up about her relationship with her husband giving the world a viral moment to talk about.

Queen Bey job is never done and she is never resting. At 34 years old Beyonce has finally made her dreams come true with owning her own record label. She has now signed YouTube sensations Chloe and Halle. Chloe and Halle has blessed our ears via YouTube and Disney for many years with their hard work and multi talent. The journey for these two sisters are in the making and now we can sit back and wait to see what greatness is in store for them. 

Here's there single from their EP:

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