Saturday, May 16, 2020

Rapper Webbie Has A Message For His Haters…..

Louisiana Rapper Webbie is known for his successful career in the early 2000s. His song “Bad Chick” featuring Florida Female Rap Artist Trina, did well mainstream. 

He was also known for his friendship with his fellow Louisiana Rapper Boosie. Their Friendship went left after Boosie was released from Jail.

Recently, a Video of Webbie surfaced the Internet. Webbie was noticeably fed up with his Male haters and felt the need to address them on IG live. but, the things he said have all the viewers questioning.

The Baton Rouge Rapper stated that he’s tired of the gay rumors. He then went on an explicit rant, stating what he would do sexually to the next man; that continued to spread rumors about his sexuality.

Webbie has not been on the scene for years. He blamed his downfall on Boosie, claiming that Boosie did not help his career.

The question is….. did Webbie come out the Closet on IG live, or was it just a play on words? 


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