Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Meagan Good Admit To Skin Bleaching….

Beautiful Actress/Director Meagan Good, recently broke her silence about Skin Bleaching. For years, speculations surfaced the internet, insinuating that the young beauty's skin has mysteriously become lighter. Compared to her older pictures, Good does look much lighter in complexion.

Like most Celebrities, Meagan Good decided to post a video of herself with her flawless skin. A fan could not help but notice the difference in Meagan Good’s skin color. The fan commented on the post, stating that she was upset that Meagan bleached her skin. She felt Meagan was prettier with Dark  Skin. She went on to say that, since Meagan bleached her skin, she looks basic.

Good was not pleased with the fan’s comment. But instead of clapping back, she decided to explain why her skin is lighter. she claimed that she did not purposely bleach her skin. She stated that an Unlicensed Aesthetician damaged her skin.

Although Meagan Good was never Dark Skin, she was not Light Skin either. She had Melanin throughout her career. Her skin color change is drastic and very obvious. Do you think Meagan’s skin bleaching was a mistake, or intentional?

The Conversation between Meagan Good and The Fan is located below:

via Baller Alert

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