Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Walmart scam

Three suspects Fabricated a receipt to steal a television from Walmart. This incident occurred in Hanford California. Hanford police arrested James Childs, 36, Christian Sandusky, 42, and Sabina Sibhu, 46, last Thursday.

There was one witness who refused to be revealed, but offered to place a statement on national Television. He states he was right next to the suspect when the incident went down.

"He put it in the basket and he just walked on out the store with it, and the undercover was right behind him and said show me the receipt" said the witness.

Hard to imagine who the ring leader is, shockingly it was Sabina Sidhu. Back in April 2014 she was caught with eight thousand dollars worth of Merchandise she's stolen from the same Walmart she attempted to steal the Television from, they also discovered a receipt printer. The Television that the Fugitives attempted to steal was worth nine hundred dollars, this is considered a felony of Grand Theft. These guys could be facing major time.

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  1. Here's a site about one of Walmart's in-store vendors.



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